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Wall Street Connected: Tupperware

Where will have you stored this year's leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner? In all likelihood, you've used one of today's firm's products - and the future is looking bright for the kitchen storage suppliers.

Long & Short Strategies for Exposure

If someone had told you in March that then was the best time to invest in 2020, would you have believed them? That's what the exposure indicator discussed today suggests - but how should you use these charts to assist your trading strategy?

Reopening Economies and Oil

With hopes being raised over the possibility of the economy reopening, Marc looks at Oil and where it currently stands. Oil usage has been low over 2020, but what are the long term impacts of this decline in demand?

Wall Street Connected: Plug Power

Fuel cells have the potential to change the way we travel & transport goods. Today's firm has focussed on selling to business heavyweights to help the transition to a greener future. Will their vehicles lead the zeitgeist?

Positive Sentiment and FX

It's been a short, yet busy week. However, market sentiment seems to be positive on the announcement of Yellen's provisional selection as Treasury Secretary under the Biden administration. How has this effected the FX markets?

Currencies in the Face of "Disaster"

In spite of Trump's triumphing over the Dow reaching 30,000, there's more at play. Nicole takes a look at currencies - over the span of almost 50 years, asking: should we pay heed to doom-mongering, or is it just hyperbole?

Looking at Relief Therapeutics Holdings

With vaccine news grabbing all the headlines, announcements for a cure to Covid have fallen to the sidelines. However, that does not mean treatment of the virus is any less important - and this firm has a very promising candidate.