Momentum Monday

Momentum Monday is back, with alternative energy stocks leading the way once again. $XPEV and $LI were the standouts from today’s scan, and $NIO seems to always find it’s way on my screen. The moves in the EV (electronic vehicle) space have been nothing short of breathtaking, but I wouldn’t want to be the last one holding the bag.

It is entirely possible though that the momentum continues, especially in solar. $JKS is back on the scan and the watchlist here:


Just about everything with the word “Clean Energy” is running with above average volume. $CLNE also sports a thin profile overhead, which gives this name potential for the week:


Financials also stood out from today’s scan, with grandpa stocks, like $JPM, threatening to breakout:


And, even the Airlines look ready to break higher:


Indeed, there is much to be thankful this week, especially higher stock prices. Here is Monday’s full scan: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

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